Mesin LaserEstablished in 2009 to provide technology laser machine for all industrial sectors, FUSIONE has constantly growning to be the most prominent suppliers of Indonesia ‘s laser processing machines. We specialize in laser technology and are devoted to the transformation of high-tech industrialization and development of the laser.

Located in Jakarta – Indonesia, which is a very strategic area in southeast asia region, we have established an extensive network in the distribution of our machines to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, etc. Therefore, the dedication to produce the best quality of machines and services that lead to the recognition of international standards has become our priority to compete in the industry.

we offer a wide range of the latest technology of laser machines, both the standard solution, or engineer a complete integration package tailored to meet most of the needs of the industry. These technologies include:

  • Laser Marking – CO2, Diode Pump, and fiber lasers for high-speed character, image and 2D Data Matrix marking.
  • Laser cuting – Small and Big Power YAG laser with a maximum cutting precission cutting and effeciennt cost.
  • Laser Welding – Continuous welder and spot welder machine for Die Industry.

    Our employees are dedicated to helping our customers find the best approach for the application of their products with significant cost efficiencies. Starting from the initial contact, start-up, training, to support routine maintenance, we always strive to earn the trust and confidence of our customers, that is a distributor Fusione laser marking machine, cuting, laser welding and reliable as well as quality.