Dynamic rotating worktable

- Driven by precise five-phase step motor, controlled by moving control card.
- The rang of chuck clamping: axis: φ2~φ80; holes:φ16~φ50
- Max. Clamp weight: 1Kg
- It is mainly used in auto and continuous marking on column surface.

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Feeding belt

- Driven by alternating current, adjust speed by transducer.
- Speed: 0~300mm/s adjustable
- Belt length: 1500mm; Width: 200mm
- It is mainly used in flying marking
- Directing device is customized to matched with the products.
- Different size belt is customized according to products.

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Standard girder lifting

This worktable is designed to support laser marking process, with easy movement in adjusting on the product height. Strong and stable structure with speed rate ratio 1:5.

Machine size:350mm×270mm×680mm
working table area:350mm×270mm×12mm

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Suitable for anykind of laser machines, include those portables machines. Top of Surface have been provided with holes to ease fixing location.

exterior area:153mm×210mm×210mm
minimum height maximum height 265mm
working table area 210mm×210mm×11mm
nett weight:8.6kg

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