CO2 Laser Marking

laser marking
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CO2 laser marking machine is specially developed for non-metal marking industry. This machine is equipped with China glass tube and high speed galvanometer to give maximum efficiency with high precission.

Machine Characters

  1. High precision and fast speed. laser marking depth is controllable optionally.
  2. Wide application. It can mark most non-metals
  3. No Consumption and pollution
  4. The laser marking lines are clear, it can withstands heavy wearing.
  5. Chinese and English software are optional. The software works in Windows environment and it is compatible with many file formats, for instance, PLT, PCW, DXF, BMP and others saved by CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP and other softwares. Meanwhile, SHX and TTF can be imported into the software directly.

Applicable Materials

Most non-metals, for example, leather, wood, textiles, plastics, acrylic, glass, crystal, stone, MDF, dual-color board, organic glass, paper, jade, agate, etc.


Technical Paramater

Machine Model FS-CO80
Laser Power 80W
Laser Wavelength 10640nm
Cooling Model Water Cooling
Marking Area 100mm x 100 mm (Std) / 300mm x 300mm (Opt)
Engraving Depth < 8mm
Linear Speed ≤ 7000 mm/s
Min Line Width 0.03mm
Min Character 0.2mm
Repetition Accuracy ± 0.01mm
Power Consumption 2 KW
Electricty Source 220V/50Hz/10A


Applicable Industries

Tobacco, food and beverages, wines, medical packing, leather, plastic, rubber, wood products, advertisement, arts and crafts, glass, printing, ornament, jewelry,etc is the package laser marking