End Pump

FS-EP12 / FS-EP25

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End-pump laser marking adopted the latest and most advanced laser pumping technology. It pumps the semiconductor-pumped laser (808nm) directly through the end of the laser crystal and outputs laser trough optical lens. It largely improves the light-to-laser converting efficiency, achieving 40% or above, therefore reducing the power consumption of the pump source and the workload of the water cooling system, and finally achieving the low consumption of the entire system.


Main characters

  1. Small output facula, suitable for marking of fine and small graphic or characters.
  2. Good beam quality, high stability of output laser, easy adjusting of the marking effects.
  3. High laser frequency and marking speed, more suitable for marking of some non-metals.
  4. Stable function of the whole system; small size and low consumption.
  5. Integrative structure, simple maintenance.


Technical Parameter

Machine Model

FS-EP12 / FS-EP25

Max. laser average power

12W / 25W

Max. Q laser power


Min. adjusting Q laser impulse width


Max. Q laser power


Laser wavelength


Beam quality M2


Light beam exhale angle


Light-light transmit efficiency


Repetition frequency


Standard marking range


Optional marking range


Linear speed


Min. linear width


Min. character


Repetition accuracy


Electric resource

220V/50Hz/ under 7A

Overall consumption power


Working temperature


Powder in the air


Relative humidity


Dimension Laser system 710mm×860mm×1300mm
Cooling system 522 mm×215 mm×500 mm