Side Pump

FS-D50 Laser marker

Easy to use, Low prices, A wide range of uses, Apply to the modest accuracy

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Diode Side – Pump laser marking adopts most advance laser technology through a diode laser beam of 1064nm wavelengths to stimulate Nd:YAG laser pumping material. Diode Technologies virtually maintenance free with low opereating costs and extremely flexible for a variety of applications.


Main Features

  1. Adopted import high quality diode pump ND:YAG as laser medium, photoelectric conversion efficiency is high.
  2. Laser resonator is reliable, output power is stable, high marking accuracy.
  3. Compared with traditional lamp pump marking laser machine, LD lift can extend to 20 times, energy consumption reduced to 75%.
  4. Advanced hardware controlling technology, intelligent software operation system, laser generator, power supply, working table all-in- one structure, working table can be made according to production need.


Technical Parameter

Machine model

FS-D50 / FS- D75

Max. output laser oscillator power

≤ 50W / ≤ 75W



Beam quality M2


Repetition rate

≤ 50 KHZ

Marking area

100mm×100mm (std) / 160mm×160mm (opt)

Marking depth

≤ 0.5 mm / ≤ 1 mm

Marking speed

≤ 7000 mm/s

Min. line width

0.01 mm / 0.02 mm

Min. character size

0.2 mm

Repetition accuracy


Power consumed

1.5 KW / 2.0 KW

Electrical source requirement

220V/ 50Hz (60Hz) / 30A

Dimensions (length×width×height)